TMJ Specialists – What to Know About Them


Although a number of people are suffering from Temporomandibular joint / TMJ disorder, you cannot really say that there is only a single profession who can help people alleviate their condition since many professionals in different fields are capable of dealing this type of disorder. If you want to get the best treatment for this disorder then you need to consider asking the help of different people who specializes in TMJ disorder.

The core reason why you need the help of different TMJ specialists is the fact that each person who has a different set of treatment that might only work for them but not with other patients. The kind of treatment provided to the patient depends on the primary reason why the disorder manifest and also checking if there are certain symptoms that the TMJ patient is suffering. Learn more about TMJ specialist, go here.

The following are the professionals who can help people treat TMJ disorder.

1. Medical Practitioner
2. Radiologists
3. Prosthodontics Dentists
4. Kinesiologists
5. Experts in Biofeedback Therapy
6. Orofacial Pain Specialists
7. Experts in osteopathy
8. Specialist in orthodontics
9. Specialists in neurology
10. Specialists in maxillofacial surgery
11. Practitioners of Oral surgery
12. Otolaryngology Practitioners
13. Experts in Acupuncture
14. Licensed Physical Therapists
15. Experts in Psychiatry
16. A person who has a degree in Psychology
17. Counseling Experts
18. General practitioner of Dentistry

If you’ll reconsider the number of symptoms and treatments that is given to TMJ patients, the long list of TMJ specialist might be justifiable in one way or another.

The type of medication or treatment given could range from facial exercises, the use of protective device for the mouth to a more complicate procedure like a surgical operation. Aside from those things, TMJ patients can also be treated by means of cold packs, healing pads, injections, drugs and psychiatric treatments. Here’s a good read about tmj specialist, check it out! 

You can consider facial exercises as part of any other physical therapy done to a patient.

Although facial exercises are the first thing that is usually done, still it would be best to see a TMJ specialist so that they can formulate a treatment plan that is in accordance with your condition.

The use of splints are also advised, this is quite similar with braces but the thing is they are made to stabilize the teeth.

Some TMJ patients are also asked by the TMJ experts to wear a protective mouth device called a night guard. If you have overbite or underbite problems then this type of medication is perfect for you, most of the time dentists will be the one to adjust the apparatus as you progress in the healing procedure. Those are just the basic things you need to know about TMJ disorder more so you can search more online.

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